What is the Root Cause Protocol?

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Root Cause Consultation Agreement

Root Cause Questionnaire

Our fax number is 615-610-5180
Our address is 5328 Main Street, Suite K, Spring Hill, TN 37174

There is no medical disease. There is metabolic dysfunction caused by mineral dysregulation.
  • Minerals make enzymes
  • Enzymes turn genes on and off
Adequate mineral regulation is ESSENTIAL for good health.

The Root Cause Protocol works to restore your body’s natural mineral balance to enable your body to work at its optimal capacity. When in balance, your body can begin to repair past damage and prevent future diseases.

By combining essential minerals/supplements, stress reduction techniques/therapies and lifestyle changes, you can achieve optimal health and feel your best.

As a Root Cause Protocol client, you will complete a hair tissue mineral analysis and lab work. We will use these values to help you better understand your mineral deficits and the contributing stressors in your life. We will then work on a plan to add supplements and reduce stress.

While the Root Cause Protocol may help improve many of your current ailments, this consultation is not meant to diagnose any diseases or treat any specific diseases. We require that you have a Primary Care Physician while receiving care under our Root Cause Protocol.

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